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Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes – Fancy Being A Couple?

We know that selecting a costume for the huge range of different ideas and themes can be an exacting task and can become overwhelming but help is at hand. Internet shopping for your fancy dress is not only quick it's also the most convenient way of finding and buying your costumes and fancy dress costume accessories.

No parking fees, no endless trudging through packed malls and empty shops. No more picking up costumes that look like they have been stored in boxes of dust and dirt. Rather; from the comfort of your own chair, you can undertake a fun journey to find the perfect costume for the pair of you. Delivered to your door and more and more nowadays internet retailers are offering full money back guarantees.

The last few years have seen the launch of some fantastic ranges of Halloween costumes and most internet retailers are ready to go with this season's creations. So grab a drink, kick of your shoes, power-up your internet browser and find your favourite fancy dress internet retailer's site and let's go shopping. Let's start with some traditional couple's costumes; Frankenstein and his bride either go for the traditional Hammer House of Horror approach or something less severe. There are some great bride of Frankenstein wigs which stand very tall on the head. Don't forget the stick on bolts lowered brow prosthetic – moulded latex pieces glued on and coloured using make-up, for the really realistic horror look.

Another classic horror duo would be Vampire and Vampiress costumes and again there is a variety of costumes for both characters ranging from the basic through to those made from the most luxurious fabrics. And what about fitting some cool fangs with either inset stones or crosses. Something less scary, what about being ancient a Greek God and Goddess, or for something similar nut spiced up, Spartan and Queen Gorgo from the blockbuster movie. Of a similar vain, Mark Anthony and Cleopatra allow the wearers to play out the lover's fantasies. If you fancy something less restrictive but still fun, there are a number of specially designed humorous couples fancy dress costumes; nut and bolt – er, not sure we need to tell you who wears which element; padlock and key; again you can work this one out too!

If you want something that you will wear again and again, we would suggest that you either look for something from the Caribbean Pirate's style of costume, there are literary hundreds to choose from and because of the popularity of these costumes the manufacturers haven't been slow in creating a vast array of costume accessories, or from the old favourite Cowboys and Indians.

All of these, and lots more, costume ideas will be available through any good quality online costume store so there is no excuse for not grabbing a couple of costumes and creating yourselves new personas for the night.

Source by Keith Sinclair

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