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Greatness of Indian Tradition and Culture

Culture generally refers to patterns of human activity and the symbolic structures that give such activity significance.

Indian culture has a remarkable history in the world right from B.C. Aryans who had migrated from Mesopotamia, and other countries, settled in India and wrote Vedas. Hence India is also called Vedic land. India is a country of several religions like Hinduism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism and Jainism etc. The four major castes of India were Kshatriya, Brahmin, Vyshya and Sudra. Now there are more than 1000 castes evolved with the passage of time. The very interesting fact about India is that all the Indians, though they belong to different religions and castes, preserve their tradition and culture. Indians have accepted various traditions and cultures of other countries during invasions. India is the best example for unity in diversity.

In contrast to western countries, India is remarkable for its strongest family system in the world. In Indian family system, male is the head of the family. All the other family members, including wife, execute their duties according the wish of the head. The family members develop adjusting mentality. An Indian woman, after marriage, leads her rest of life with the husband along and her parents-in-law. She serves her husband and parents-in-law and brings good name and fame to the family. She never leaks out any small family dispute, even to her own parents. She respects her husband and never back-answers him. She even treats her husband as “Sreevaru” which means Venkateshwara, south Indian god of Hindus. This is the reason why an Indian family lasts for lifetime, when compared to most families of the west.

Bondage of love and affection is abundantly found in Indian family system. Parents do not let their child to live independent life until they get a marriage match. However, there are so many joint families found in north India and rarely in south India. Culture and tradition of India does not support love-marriages and the diverse between a husband and a wife. A married man/woman is strictly prohibited maintaining illegal relationships with the opposite sex according the Indian tradition and culture. He / she cannot marry for the second time, except when the spouse is dead.

The Punjabi dress and Saree are dignified and traditional dresses of Indian women and girls. For an Indian skin texture, artistically Saree and Punjabi dresses look more dignified that of tight jean pants and other modern dresses which arouse coitus feelings. Hence, now a day's many foreigners are showing interest towards Indian family system and are settling in India. They are even getting habituated wearing sarees and Punjabi dresses.

Source by Bhupathiraju Venu

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