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Great Ideas For Wedding Favors

You can use anything for a wedding favor. It just matters who you are giving these favors to. if you're giving them to the entire reception party, you might want to think about giving some mints. If you want to give some to the wedding party, close family and the like you need to pick something that works for both of you.

Maybe get some nice glass glasses that you can have your names etched into onto the glass. If you don't want something like that and want to save some money, and if you can write, maybe you can write a poem, thanking everyone that came. This can also work for the reception. If you want to go with something different, maybe find some candles and add a little something to them.

If you want to find something else that could work for your wedding favors. Maybe get some special boxes for some of the guests to take home with, even if you go with some great chocolate for your guest that can also be a great favor to give out.

There are ton of ideas to go with for your wedding favors. Try something new, maybe some hot chocolate, tea or even bubble bath in a great keepsake bottle.

Remember that this is your wedding, and the wedding favors that you pick out need to work for both of you, maybe a key ring, or a shot glass, maybe even something simple and make things work for you. If you're on a budget you can still keep to it and have some great wedding favors.

Make sure that you don't go out and buy something that is too much, but something that the guest will remember you and you new marriage by. Most of all, don't stress if someone won't like your favors, you picked them and you like them.

Source by Gail Leino

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