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Getting Him to Walk Down the Aisle – Relationship Advice For Women

When you're crazy in love with your boyfriend, getting him to walk down the aisle seems like the next logical step after you've been dating for awhile. Most women dream of the day their man drops to one knee to romantically propose to them. Unfortunately, not all men catch the subtle hints we throw out. If you want to get your man to commit you need to nudge him in the right direction so the idea of being married to you suddenly becomes completely irresistible.

One thing you must always remember when you want to get your man to commit to you is pushing him isn't going to help. If you're in this situation you've likely been guilty of this type of behavior. Doing things like talking non-stop about what your dream wedding would be like, leaving bridal magazines on the table in full view or going to try on wedding dresses fall into this category. If he's feeling at all apprehensive about the idea of getting married those things will just make him pull back even more. You need to attack this problem with a completely different advance.

When a couple is in a long term relationship and the woman has made it painfully clear that she's hopelessly in love with her boyfriend that doesn't go unnoticed to him. He sees that and he knows it. He believes that since you have made it obvious that you want to marry him that you'll be willing to wait until he finally decides it's the right time. In essence he'll make you wait impatiently until he makes the decision that marriage is the next step. Your life is on hold until he makes the move.

That's why you need to pull back. Getting him to walk down the aisle is all about showing him that he can't live without you. You can't do that if you're waiting in the corner for him to take the next step. You need to do that. If you create some distance between the two of you he'll wonder what's up and why you're doing it. If you do it without any fanfare or notice, that will hit home even harder for him. He'll believe that you're having second thoughts about being with him. Once he starts feeling that, his entire perception of the idea of marriage will change. He'll want it just as badly as you do.

If you love him and want to be his wife, you deserve for that to happen. Give him a small taste of life without you completely devoted to him and it may just be enough to get him to run out to buy the engagement ring you've been waiting for.

Source by Gillian Reynolds

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