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Get Rid of a Cold Sores Outbreak For Good

Experiencing recurrence cold sores outbreaks is very annoying and frustrating. These fluid filled blisters on the edge of your lips seem to appear on occasions that you need to be flawless and beautiful. In most cases it appears on special occasions like weddings, much awaited vacations and other special events in your life. Although this infection is not life-threatening, it is a constant cause of embarrassment and discomfort.

Cold sores outbreak occurs on special occasions because you are into so much stress that weakens your immune system or your resistance against viruses and diseases. Cold sore is caused by herpes simplex-1 virus and you are more vulnerable to the virus if you have compromised immune system, fever, colds, over exposed to sunlight and cold winds. Once you get infected by the virus, you have the tendency to suffer from recurring cold sore attacks because the virus lies inactive in your system and once triggered, another cold sore flare up will take place.

It is recommended that you seek professional or medical advice on the sunset of cold sores outbreak to know the severity of your infections and to know the reason for the recurring infections.

Of course to prevent and get rid of cold sores outbreak, you have to avoid all triggers. Boost your immunity against viruses, stay strong and healthy. Eat a well balanced diet and as much as possible avoid stressful situations. Get enough sleep and relax.

Take supplements and eat foods that suppress the occurrence of the virus. Research shows that the amino acid lysine is very beneficial in reducing cold sores outbreak. A daily dose of 1000 mg of lysine taken for several days from the first occurrence of the infection controls the recurrence of cold sores outbreak. Meat, beans, peas, parmesan cheese and soybeans are good sources of lysine.

Stay away from food that promotes the occurrence of cold sores outbreak. Arginine rich foods have been proven to increase the occurrence of cold sores. Chocolates, peanuts, almonds and grains are foods rich in arginine and must be avoided to stop cold sores flare-up.

Source by Lia Felabhoe

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