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From Thrift Store Finds to a Gorgeous Christening Gown Set

It was a picture of an absolutely gorgeous christening gown which I saw in a magazine that inspired me to make one for a baby boy. On top of that, I remembered what my mother told me about being a mom and how she wanted to have her son wear a custom-made christening outfit before he turned one-year old. My mother always believed that christening gifts and outfits would be better if they are both practical and beautiful. My mother chose a bubble suit pattern that had snaps and lots of space for a diaper. She also decided that she would create a christening skirt that would be a detachable addition to the baby bubble suit.

Going to a thrift store is a weekly agenda for me. I love going through vintage collections and there are times when I do find wonderful gift ideas for christening gifts and birthday presents. The next time I was there, I did not really have anything to buy. My daughter was already seventeen years of age and she was much too young to give me grandchildren. I still went inside the thrift store anyway. The picture of that adorable christening outfit from the magazine was still inside my head. Of course, I knew that christening gifts and christening outfits could be on the expensive side and I realize that the maker used quality materials for the creation. I thought that I can certainly make my own personalized christening gifts from several thrift store treasures.

The search began. I already knew what I wanted to make: a little baby boy's outfit that included a shirt and a pair of shorts that would turn out to be like a one-piece bubble suit. If I can manage to create a christening skirt, that would be great as well. At first all I could find was pretty pink dresses for baby girls and I needed to make a suit for a boy. The little boy's area only had shirts and pants.

I then saw a beautiful blue bubble suit. It had a white collar with daisies but it was also had little blue and white stripes. It was in the girl's sections but I can always remove the collar and no one would know that it was for a baby girl. It came in the right size and only costs $ 3 so I bought it right away.

The next task involved looking for a material for a christening skirt. If I was to give or receive christening gifts such as a baptism outfit, then a christening skirt is just the perfect item. I thought of tablecloths but I was not able to find one that would be appropriate. So, I decided to look at curtain panels. It was a success as I found a piece with a 6-inch wide lace along the bottom and along one side-edge. I got another one that looked good enough to be used with the original curtain panels. Everything was $ 2 each so I had to get them.

I washed everything at home then started to put together my christening outfit. I needed to make sure that this outfit would be the one of the best christening gifts one can present. I ended up with a 5 lace panels which was widest at the bottom part. Lastly, I used a navy ribbon that I got from a nearby crafts store to tie the white skirt to the blue and white striped bubble suit. Since the top of the outfit needed more additional material, I used one side of the white curtain panels and added more navy ribbons to it. I finally had created a dream christening outfit for a baby boy. This just shows that one can easily make or discover unique and wonderful christening gifts from the treasures you find in a thrift store.

Source by Jim F Roberts

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