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Free Beaded Bracelet Patterns For Beginners

Jewelry making can be a really fun hobby or side-job for anyone to get into. There are so many jewels and beads to choose from, whether you're using real of fake jewels. There are also many gems and pendants out there that can be turned into a beautiful bracelet. Even if you're using fake beads you can create a beautiful piece of jewelry you can wear out. Using bright brilliant colors will help put your outfit together.

If you would like to start making your own jewelry and bracelets you should look into free beaded bracelet patterns for beginners. There are tutorials that teach you step-by-step on how to make a bracelet. The beaded bracelet patterns I have found in the past are really quite neat. You can create different designs using different colors and beads.

I remember when I was a little girl, I had all my friends living in the same neighborhood as me so we would always get together and play. I had a table and bench on my porch so we always seemed to gather there. We each had our own little jewelry kits filled with colored beads, string, scissors and tape. My favorite bracelet was called the tornado bracelet. I never used free beaded bracelet patterns, but somehow came up with my own patterns. The tornado twisted all around, I made it by knotting a few knots and then twisting the string around the opposite way to knot some more. It was really neat.

I don't make bracelets with my friends anymore, but there are little “shows” people can have nowadays. They are called jewelry shows. You and your friends get together, while a lady comes to your house to show you all the pretty jewelry they have to offer. Sometimes they give you free beaded bracelet patterns for beginners, to keep or just to look at while they demonstrate. A lot of times they have more fancy jewelry than play jewelry. You'll notice they have Swarovski crystals and pearls you can play around with. Depending on what beaded bracelet patterns you choose, you can make your own right there or they can send out for it.

All the fun in jewelry making is you get it make it yourself. How fun would it be to wear your jewelry and get complimented on it, knowing you took the time to design and create? I love getting compliments on the jewelry I wear, so why wouldn't I take pride in the handmade bracelets I create. I love the Blue Malibu Bracelet FaveCrafts has to offer. It has my favorite Swarovski crystals along with other beads. This bracelet isn't necessarily a free beaded bracelet pattern for beginners, but if you take a little time to look into it and learn, then you will love making it. The blue color will really stand out on your hand. The next time you have a nice party or wedding to go to, you will have the perfect piece of jewelry to wear.

Source by Christine Doheny

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