Flexees Fat Free Tank – The Perfect Plus Size Body Shaper Camisole

I love that plus size body shapers for women are mostly designed to be a hidden asset under your clothes, creating a powerful illusion – but this product is pure genius! Flexees Fat Free Dressing Tank shapewear is a star performer right now and they’ve been flying off the online shelves.

The Flexees Fat Free Tank is the first ‘meant to be seen’ body shaper camisole, another industry favorite and winner of the Undie Awards 2010 for ‘favorite overall shapewear’.This is an excellent body shaping camisole to buy if under normal circumstances you feel embarrassed to wear your standard tank due to the ole muffin top. Flexees Fat Free Tank shapewear looks like your ordinary tank top, but the fabric used for the stomach area has a microfiber lining that secretly reduces the bulge.

This is definitely a more moderate control than firm control shapewear, so can be worn all day in comfort. The material is soft and breathable and you don’t have to worry about excessive sweating. It is also a nice length to the hips, which means it doesn’t roll up when you move. At it is moderate control, it won’t exactly suck your gut completely like a firm control shaper would. Instead it slims your torso rather than reshapes. Therefore expect it to neatly trim your waist by smoothing out the bulges and slim your stomach and back with it’s firm control midsection panel. The straps are also adjustable, so you can amend the neckline for a more comfortable fit.

I enjoy wearing this body shaper camisole and so do many others. They come in a variety of colors, so needless to say, I now have one in all of them as they immediately replaced my standard tanks. I don’t really see the point of wearing my normal tanks outside of the house now. Personally, I think this is a brilliant new body shaper for plus size women who enjoy the simplicity of wearing a tank for any occasion as just another item of clothing. This Flexees shapewear item looks perfect underneath a shirt, cardigan, or alone when paired with some jeans, shorts or even tracksuit bottoms for the gym. Yes that’s right; it can also be worn when exercising. So no more excuses about not going to the gym because you hate looking like a hot mess! This body shaper camisole has solved that issue.

Source by Shannon Middleton

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