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Father of the Bride Speech – Tips For Dads Who Hate Public Speaking

Does the thought of having to give a speech at your daughter’s wedding have you sweating? Whether you are shy or just hate public speaking it can be intimidating to have to give a speech in front of a lot of people.

These Father of the Bride speech tips should help you stay calm and relaxed, help you to approach it with confidence and ensure that you will give a speech that will leave both you and your daughter proud and create another lovely memory for her wedding day.

  • Keep it short. Giving a short speech is a lot easier than giving a long one. By choosing a few words to say instead of planning a long speech it will be a lot less intimidating and will be over before you know it. Not only that, but most people don’t want to sit through a long speech at a wedding anyway – they are anxious to get celebrating! It’s not how much you say, but rather what you say that matters.
  • Look at your daughter – not the crowd. Try keeping eye contact with your daughter during your speech rather than looking out at the crowd. It is a lot less intimidating to pretend in your mind that you are speaking just to her than to look out at a sea of faces. Plus, it can help you make your speech more personal and meaningful if it is directed toward your daughter. That doesn’t mean you should have tunnel vision – try to glance around at other people – but if you feel uncomfortable you can direct your gaze back to your daughter.
  • Remember that other people hate giving speeches too. Most people panic at the idea of public speaking so you can be sure that everyone in the crowd will understand if you are nervous or “mess up”.
  • Speak from you heart. You don’t have to say the “perfect thing”, be witty or clever or even be all that entertaining. Just speak from your heart and whatever you say will be perfect.
  • Be prepared. Keep notes or even your full speech in front of you to refer to if you run into trouble or forget what you were saying. Don’t read it off the card, but have it handy to help you if you get stuck.

Source by Sarah Callen

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