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Engagement Ring Advice For Men

The rules of engagement are, for the average Joe, not that clearly defined. Everyone knows that engagement ring signifies your undying love, life-long commitment and devotion to the woman of your dreams. Is it as easy as popping down to your local jewelery store and picking out a ring, or do you involve her and let her pick it out herself? The latter is probably the best option if you want her to absolutely love it. Women who are in relationships often spend many hours before shopping for engagement rings online. Statistics have proven that online engagement ring and loose gemstone searches are predominately single women aged between 35-50.

Most men are still hopeless romantics when it comes to love. Armed with a little more than unqualified advice from their mates at the pub (and a budget), they venture out on a Saturday morning to find her the perfect engagement ring. Without paying attention to what kind of woman she is, these men can extremely end up buying a ring that is completely not to her liking. Of course you will never know how she really feels as you slip it onto her finger. She will accept your token of undying love with a smile and some tears, flash it in front of her friends and wear it on the fourth finger of her left hand (the vena amoris / love vein is believed to run from the fourth finger to her Heart) everyday – all the time wishing it was something she would have chosen.

Pay attention to her likes and dislikes.

1. Does she wear jewelery?
Rings, necklaces, earrings and bracelets

2. What kind of jewelry does she wear?
Vintage, contemporary, understated, bold or classic

3. What kind of metal does she prefer?
White, yellow or rose gold. Silver. Platinum.

4. Is she big on color?
Red, blue, green, pink, orange, purple …

5. Is she dropping hints?
Notice if she remarks on her friend's ring and make a mental note of what looks like if she likes it

6. Does she like diamonds?
Some woman prefer colored gemstones to diamonds

7. Would she wear a family heirloom?
Would she really want to wear your grandmother's engagement ring?

Pay attention to her hands.

If she has long elegant fingers then she can wear big bold rings and thick or multiple bands. If she has short fingers, then go for a small mailing setting and a thin band. Gemstone cuts and shapes can have an impact on the ring's overall look. Marquise and oval cut gemstones can elongate fingers while emerald and other square cuts can make fingers look shorter. Not every bride likes the standard round princess cut, so make sure you look at all the options.

Know her style.

A classic woman has a timeless beauty like Coco Chanel. She is always polished and manicured and she wears suits, fitted skirts, loves fine fabrics like silk and tweeds and is rarely seen without scarves and sunglasses.

A delicious woman is petite and small with fine features – think Kate Moss. She is sensitive and dainty like a porcelain doll. She wears light fabrics and will opt for pants instead of jeans.

A trendy woman always has her nose in fashion and beauty magazines, loves shopping and her style changes as often as the seasons. She will wear the coolest fashion label and mix n match like a pro.

A bold woman is outgoing and adventurous. She has a relaxed personality and is often found mingling with the guys. She opts for comfort over high fashion and lives in her jeans and t-shirts.

Taking the above into account, her lifestyle is probably the single most important factor when shopping for an engagement ring. If she is sporty and adventurous, fussy settings with pointed prongs will probably not be the best choice. For the record, tanzanite, although a very popular gemstone at the moment does not make an ideal stone for an engagement ring. It is softer than other gemstones, scratches easily, becomes dull and is therefore not recommended for everyday wear.

In part 2 we will discuss:
How much to spend on the engagement ring
Ring sizing
The 4C's
How to buy from a reputable online shop and save big

Source by Helen Squirrell

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