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Editing a Wedding Album

So the Honeymoon is over, you had a great time and everyone is asking about your wedding album. What you have is several hundred unretouched images in no particular order. The studio has deleted all the obvious no-gos but you are still left with a formidable task. You have seen the sample albums at the studio and you wonder if you can ever make yours that good.

A wedding album is supposedly a story. It has a beginning and an end. Traditionally, the fronts piece is a close up photograph of your invitation surrounded by flowers from your wedding. An alternative could be a romanticized shot of the outside of your church, a montage of items relating to the wedding (garter, necklace, rings, boutonnières or other mementos). Following are highlights from your preparation photos. Must haves are getting dressed, primping in the mirror and making an entrance on the stairs. Do not skimp in this area because anticipation is most of the fun of a wedding.

After the pictures coming down the aisle, try to set the scene with wide angle shots of the church followed by medium action pictures, then sprinkle in a few close ups for detail and facial expressions. Alternate viewing angles and include pictures of the parents in the pews. Make an effort not to place two similar pictures next to each other for an interesting viewing. Three pictures in a row depicting a moving event can mean much more than a single photo. Take advantage of the multiple photo montages but place them sparingly for the best effect.

Park portraits can start off with a bridal portrait, then a bride and groom portrait. Different shots of the wedding party can be followed by family pictures and more bride and groom portraits. End up on a dynamite close up of the bride and groom.

If you decide to include table shots, make sure you have every table covered. Split up the dancing pictures into groups, separated by table visits, group photos and fun shots. The reception story works best if the photos are place in chronological order. Every story has to have a happy ending so save a few romantic images for last. You should seriously consider allowing the studio to make your choices for you and arrange your album for the biggest impact. They are experts on what most people like and with a few hints from you as to which images are your favorites and must see photos, the studio will certainly come up with a winner.

Source by Kenneth C. Hoffman

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