Do not Settle for Cookie-Cutter Wedding Invites!

Know your options when it comes to the big day. Many brides-to-be are not aware there are so many styles to choose from that set the income for your wedding and reception.

Ideally, most would appreciate everyone that's been invited to their wedding and reception to show up. As terrible as it sounds, a dull wedding invitation could help make the possible guest's decision in an instant.

That's why it's important to set your theme immediately with the right invite. Leave nothing to chance from the get go when planning that special day. After all, it only happens once! There are so many options for the invitation away from choosing color, font and wording. These cards have gone from basic and informative to extraordinary.

Learn more about what wedding invitations have to offer for your upcoming festivals.

Laser Cut Invites Stand Out

Wedding invitations that are laser cut stand out from the rest. The difference is the ability for the laser to cut designs that were near impossible before. High-quality, intricate designs add a touch of class.

The most popular laser cut options include words either on top, bottom, or in the middle of the invitation; Lace; Flowers and trees; And so much more. Top designers create new cards often, giving you an option that probably has not been seen before. Check out the invitations that have a white, laser cut front and allow the color of your choice to show through.

Guests will be over impressed and excited to see what else you've taken the time to invest in for your wedding day.

Handmade From the Heart

If you recall the saying, "homemade is best" then you'll understand why your wedding invitations that are handmade will instantly create a tone for the upcoming day.

Handmade invites come traditionally folded or rolled like a scroll. They feature dried flowers that are carefully attached, ribbons tied and gracefully adorning them, and many more elements that say, "This day is special to us, so we're investing the time to show you how much."

It will be clear that there is more than a potluck and DJ at your celebration, and invited individuals will be curious to see what is in store.

Add a Special Photo

Romantics will instantly be drawn in and want to celebrate your special day when they see a loving photo of the engaged couple. Choose black and white for a classic look, and have the photo placed on the wedding invitation of your choice.

Use an engagement photo so that they are not just for announcements and displaying in your future home. If you're having an outdoor wedding, be sure the photo shows you two outside. If your wedding has a particular theme, it is fun to incorporate that, and give the guests a clue as to what may happen.

Humor Sets the Tone

Though humor may be the last think you think of on your wedding day, it can certainly relay an air of fun times to the recipient of your wedding invitation. You can find a selection of invites with a fun photo on the front, or you can put a silly poem or wording inside.

This will definitely set your celebration apart from others, since it is rare to get an invite like this. It's something to consider!

Remember, this is the very first step to creating the perfect wedding and reception that you and your guests will remember forever. To get the best turnout, investing a bit of time in the right invitations could make or break the special event.

With a great supplier of high-quality invoices, you'll have the best selection and customer service to determine what the best option is for you.

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