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Digital Wedding Albums – Trend Or Here to Stay?

If you have been reading online, you may have seen a lot of information about flush mount wedding albums and how couples prefer them. It is true that many couples who are looking to create a wedding album turn to the flush mount style for many reasons. The main question is; is this a fad or are these album styles here to stay?

In order to answer this question, we will have to look at the specifications of both and draw any benefits from either the traditional wedding album or the flush mount.

Availability in Style and Customization

When a couple is planning a wedding, most everything about their special day is customized to their exact needs. Why would a wedding album be any different? Just as you have been able to customize the cover in the past, you are able to do that with the more modern flush mount album. In fact, there is a lot more you can do with the flush mount cover versus the traditional cover.

Photo Placement

Photo placement is the largest difference you will see between the two. The best way to describe the difference is as if you were looking at a group of painting and them looking at a scenery. Each one displays the same pictures but it is the difference in placement that makes the most impact. Digital design allows graphic design artists, also known as album designers in the wedding industry, to blend colors, meld pictures together and produce a seamless viewing experience. Your wedding album will tell a story when you choose to have it digitally created. Traditional albums often times come across as too mechanical, ordinary and lack luster in appearance.

Quality of the Picture and Enhancements

Both a traditional and digital album can offer high quality photographs. The difference between a digitally produced wedding album and a traditional album is that the pictures can be enhanced in many more ways. The colors can pop more, the lighting can be placed at different angles, shadows can be made and more. You can add elements to create a level of drama, sophistication, edge and whimsy to your albums unlike those you will find in traditional setups. With digital rendering, the sky is the limit!

Image Size

High resolution images can be created in both the traditional and the digital but with a flush mount wedding album, you are able to fill both sides of an open album with one image or image collection. No interference would be visible – simply a beautiful display of a past memory flowing from one edge of your wedding album to the other. The images then, are large, bold, clear and to the forefront.

Overall, people love flush mount wedding albums for a collaborating number of reasons. As we look to the future, this will become the norm, as it already has started to be.

Source by M. Jeranian

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