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Diamond Ring Varieties

Diamond rings can be popularly categorized as engagement, wedding, archetypal solitaires, friendship, anniversary, eternity and cocktail rings. Rings under each of the above categories have their own significance, meaning and purpose. Let us see each and every type in detail in the following paragraphs.

Engagement diamond rings are designed to indicate a duo's love and affection towards one another. Big sized diamonds and other precious gemstones adorn the band. This type of rings are gifted either on the day of engagement or while proposing love. Lover's knot or heart shape designs are quite popular. Earlier, wedding rings were broad and plain and are made in gold or platinum. But now, they are designed to go with the engagement ring. Couples exchange these wedding rings while making marriage promises. The three stones on a wedding ring mean the past, present and the future. During contented married life period, a married man might wish to present his woman with a special gift on a special juncture. This is the perfect time to gift an eternity jewel which features diamonds of the same shape and size that are set continuously all around the band. This signifies unending love for each other.

Archetypal solitaire diamond designs would have one prominent diamond over a band held by suitable prong settings. These rings can commonly have four, six or eight prongs to hold the diamonds in position. Complex design can however include tiny diamonds held together with each other all over the band. Friendship rings are those which look simple yet elegant without signifying any love feelings. Hence these rings do not feature heart shapes or love knots but they may feature words like friendship, friend and various nature inspired designs. An enormous ring with a huge gemstone or diamond at its centre is known as a dinner, cocktail or cluster ring. These are preferably sported while attending special events and parties as they are sure to catch the attention of the crowd.

Other types of rings include the accent, stacker, fashion and heirloom rings. Accent rings are those that have a diamond in its midpoint with other gems accenting its sides. Heirloom rings are passed from one generation to another, hence these types are chosen with great care. Distinctly shaped rings otherwise known as fashion rings are quite popular especially among teens. Fashion rings feature unusual shapes, flowers and even insects or pets. Stacker rings allow stacking over each other as they have similar shapes and sizes. However, each one comes in different colors. You can increase or decrease the height of the stack depending on your mood, occasion and fancy.

Source by Rakesh N Rao

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