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Decorating Ideas – Asian Decor

Interior Decorating: Asian Style

The peaceful and sincere designs of the Asian cultures have always enticed us for centuries. Maybe it's the way Asian designs are so versatile, or perhaps it's because nature is so closely involved with the furniture, murals, and other pieces.

You'll find lots of helpful tips below if you want to create an Asian style room or room(s).

Incorporate Dramatic Colors

If you're going for a more traditional style Chinese look, try using a bold red since it represents good luck. A nice, calm brown can also touch up the red. The Japanese enjoy utilizing natural grays and tan colors into their typically wooden furniture. A gold trim will also do most Asians designs well.


Asian decor is composed of lots of smooth, polished features. Bamboo can significantly help you accomplish your goal. Try using a bamboo rug here and there. Bamboo picture frames also help.


Japanese living spaces often have a bonsai plant in them. This gives a fresh feeling when one walks into the room. Again, bamboo also recreates the sparks of nature right in your interior.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you search around the internet for a few moments for some Asian style furniture ideas, you can often find a dresser with tea cups on top of it. Or maybe you glanced at a futon acting as a bed. This is a very notable feature of Asian interior decorations. Maybe you could place a dresser next to your door with a bonsai plant on top. Using the dresser as a shoe holder will make the room seem that much larger.


If you've ever been in a traditional Asian home, you'll notice that there is some sort of rug in every space. The Japanese use tatami mats frequently, while Chinese tend to use wool rugs. A tatami mat is easy to keep clean and provides a nice feel to your feet when walked upon.


While you want much of your interior Asian décor to be explosive with elements, you're going to want your windows to be as simple as possible. This helps balance out the environment of the living quarters and helps to not overwhelm the person in them. Tassels can be hung through the rooms on the windows like the Chinese do.

Floor Screens

These are another major element of Asian décor. A Shoji screen, used by the Japanese, helps hide unattractive areas and can separate certain spaces.


Just the sound of the crisp, flowing water is enough to calm anyone down. Incorporate miniature water falls into your spaces and get a fish tank with some beautiful, exotic fish in it. Don't forget the smooth sea shells and sand dollars!

The main thing you need to keep in mind when creating an Asian style living space is simplicity. With simplicity comes serenity.

Source by Noah Glaser

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