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Custom Made Scrubs on the Rise

Every day fashion is changing and evolving, the problem is most of the time designers do not evolve too. Today there are still many designers who have not changed the ways in which they make their products. One specific area where this is true is in scrubs, and scrub manufacturing.

If you take a look at old movies or television shows you will notice that the scrubs on those shows look exactly like those doctors and nurses wear today. Why is this? Everyday we invent and create new custom made products, yet to this day no new custom made scrubs. Unlike everything else of our time, scrubs have remained just as dull and boring as ever, but they do not have to be.

Today many small companies are revolutionizing the looks of the scrubs that they make in hopes of selling more. What many people do not realize however is that you do not need a fancy pattern to make a scrub more likely to be bought. This is why many of these small companies are now making their scrubs by hand, and tailoring them to fit each person's individual uniqueness. Those who require tall scrubs, petite scrubs, or average scrubs all have the same chance of finding scrubs that fit right, without the need for alteration.

By eliminating alteration fees the scrubs become cheaper, by hand making them, they last longer, and by tailoring them to fit, they look nicer. So the next time you see someone with scrubs that make the person wearing them look like they are wearing a burlap sack, mentioning to them that custom made scrubs are a better way to look more professional.

Source by Janet Craig

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