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Cruel World

Azra, Azra,

Wake up Azra.

Wake up Azra,

It is time to go.

Go where you must

But hate to do so.

Azra, it hurts me to say,

But you are the way.

Wake up Azra,

You have to go.

Azra, Azra,

You are made of gold,

But the gold, I can not hold.

Wake up Azra, you must go.

I know Azra,

The world is cruel world.

This world is not yours or mine.

This world is not the one

We want to be.

This world is not

For you or me.

Azra, my little girl,

Your magical power,

Your ocean blues eyes,

Your smile of innocence,

Your body like a bud of rose

Is what will save us all?

It is your sweet innocence Azra,

That our lives depend on.

I know Azra it is not fare.

I know Azra it is too much

For you to bare.

But you see Azra,

I do deeply care.

For I love you more than you

Will ever know.

It is you Azra

That will save us all.

Wake up Azra

For you have to go.

Oh Mother, must I,

Must I really go?

Oh Mother, do not you know,

I am only five years old.

Oh Mother, can not you see

My body aches.

Oh Mother, can not you hear the screams-

The screams of my soul.

Oh Mother, must I really go?

Azra, Azra, my heart aches for you.

Azra I would love to

Instead of you, go.

You see my child

They do not want me.

They say I am too old, and

They want a little girl like you,

In their arms to hold.

Source by Zora Teofilovic

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