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Clubwear – What is It?

Clubwear is a relatively new loosely used term in fashion today. In fact, this term is thrown around so loosely, people often wonder what exactly it is. Is clubwear a style or is it actually a piece of clothing? Is the correct spelling clubwear or club wear? Is this new trend just for exotic dancers or everyday people as well? In this article we will explore this broadly used term.

The root words, ‘club' and ‘wear' say something about this terms origin. Clearly, the term closely relates to clubs and apparel. These two words strung together gave birth to the commonly known term clubwear. While it may seem clear enough to understand, it still leaves many questions. The word ‘club' is used in many contexts in our language. Many varieties of clubs exist, from cigar clubs, night clubs, sporting clubs, to clubs in which women dance in an erotic manner. Thus, the term could refer to a piece of clothing one may wear when attending a cigar bar or while playing in a rugby match.

Generally, the term clubwear refers to any clothing item that is sexy, provocative or fetish in nature that is designed to be worn to a night club. This term covers a very broad spectrum of clothing. What one may think of as provocative or sexy may not be perceived as provocative to another. A search of clubwear on Google will return a vast variety of results. These results show some items are much less revealing than others, and almost all clothing categories are returned in the results.

Clubwear has become a style, and a very broad one at that. This term covers dresses, skirts, tops, pants and even footwear. As the popularity of the night club scene increased in recent years, the need to have the gear to wear to them also increased. Today, retailers will market just about any item they can as clubwear. This fashion craze exploded and the demand is higher than ever. Be careful when choosing items marketed as such and ask “does the item really fit the profile for the style, or am I purchasing because the retailer says it does?”.

Many women would not feel comfortable wearing this style in public, yet they buy items labeled as such due to its popularity. This style originated from women wearing ultra sexy clothing out at night; much sexier than most would ever dare to wear in public. Designed to be attention grabbing, many clubwear items come in shiny metallic colored fabrics that are hard to miss. These items tend to fit snug and many are made in a spandex blend to provide that provocative look. Shorter than most items on the market, some mini skirts in this style may only be 4 or 5 inches in total length. Often, an outfit in this format will be coupled with a revealing halter or triangle bra top.

When shopping for clubwear, be sure that you are comfortable with its provocative, sexy nature. If you are buying items in metallic fabrics, understand people will notice you, even in dark conditions. If you are comfortable with a form fitting, seductive style, then clubwear may be the style for you.

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Source by Sarah Eldred

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