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Choosing the Right Color Combinations for Clothes

Color is a simple remedy to add life to a plain or tired wardrobe. But it is helpful to match the right colors to achieve the desired look. Matching and wearing the wrong color combination is certain to have a detrimental impact on the all-round look. Also, color combinations can be quite subjective and one look isn't likely to give the right look for everyone. Pairing the right colors can easily make or break an outfit so it makes sense to try out several outfits until the perfect look is achieved.

Here are a few things to consider in the process of choosing the right color combinations for clothes:

Body type and skin color

One of the major issues to consider is that the color combination matches the body type and skin color. For instance, for those with the darker skin tone, it can be useful to combine a dull color with a bright color to help sober down the look. For the fair-skinned people, the more defined look is created by pairing a white or a black with a dull color. Also, it is worth sticking to seasonal colors to create the timely look.

Bright colored pants

For many women it can benefit to avoid wearing the brightly colored pants. The main reason for this is the bold and bright colors will significantly make a body part standout. The dull colored items are less likely to accentuate a particular part of the body. Also, by choosing the dull pants, it is possible to wear the radical shirt color that really stands out.

Colors that easily match

The hues of white, black and blue are seen as neutral colors and are the easiest to combine with other tops or skirts. Also, brown is a further neutral color that easily pairs with virtually any other color in the wardrobe.

Colors for an outfit can easily be combined to match the personal taste. For instance, the chocolate-brown pants can easily complement a top in bright red, fuchsia or cobalt blue. An outfit in green and yellow is great for most complexions and gives a very fresh and clean look. A color combination that is quite eye-catching is pale blue and pink and perfect for the warmer days. A popular and favorite look is to combine red and blue. Also, an outfit that combines cobalt blue and turquoise gives the classic and elegant look. This color scheme is even more impressive when combined with gold or silver accessories.

Source by Leo Eigenberg

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