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Choosing the Music

Choosing the music is just about as important as the decorations for the wedding ceremony is; It helps in setting the right moos for the wedding and the reception as well. It is important that you pick the kind of music that will make you feel comfortable and at ease during the ceremony and during the wedding reception the music you pick should convey your celebratory state of mind so that everyone else can celebrate and rejoice with you. All this can be simply and clearly conveyed through the music you play, whether it is at your reception or at the wedding itself; Picking the perfect music for yourself as a couple is very important.

The music you play at the wedding ceremony does not need to have the same traditional music, just because everyone in your family may have not necessarily meant that you have to play the same, you can choose exactly the kind of Music that suits your ears and that which you are comfortable with, however this also needs to be appropriate for a wedding ceremony; By playing what you like does not mean you play the kinds that is totally inappropriate. However, for the reception as well as the wedding, try and create a compilation of songs that would have long enough to barely repeat itself through the event. At many weddings you will find that the music that is played is the same and is constantly repeated and that tends to bore the guests, so try and be diverse where creating a music playlist is concerned.

Also, for the wedding ceremony and even during the reception, it is a great romantic idea to play a selection of songs that have a special significance to you as a couple. Maybe the first song that you danced to or the first song you heard together or just one that you both love, these songs would help add that special personal touch to an awkward formal wedding ceremony and you should definitely try this out.

Source by Kathy Mercado

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