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Choose Instant Marquees For Outdoor Shading

Instant marquees are easy to install canopies that can open up and disband in less than a minute. These marquees are ideal to be used in the events like trade shows, product launches, exhibitions, motor sport shelters, sport events, marketing events, community markets, in hospitals and in schools. With the use of an Instant Marquee, you can provide your company an instant recognition in public.

They are also perfect for open air activities, small parties or when you are planning for a wedding ceremony or a corporate function, the quality instant marquees offer the solution you need.

These can be fixed up at affordable prices, and are the perfect example of flexibility, convenience and value. These are available in various fabric but most preferable are the polyster or the heavy duty PVC.

The marquees for outdoor shading should not be confused with the budget tents which are low in quality and can be bought from any camping store or garden center. Get quality marquees only from trustworthy dealers, who offer high quality but cost-effective shelter that use center peak poles and cross bracing to provide marquees a firm standing by adding extra stability. These have more polished finishing as they are made from commercial grade aluminium.

Choose Instant Marquees because:

– Highly tough and sturdy

– Waterproof

– Made up of commercial grade aluminum frame

– Available in a variety of colours and personalized screen printing available

– Adjustable heights

– Offer protection from weather like hot sun rays, rain or stormy wind

Instant marquees are also available with full range of accessories such as half walls, clear walls and leg weights. The marquees are offered with custom printing service so that you can utilize them for your brand promotion.

Many people select a canopy or marquees, which also goes by the name of instant marquees, when they look for outdoor canopies for promotional events. A marquee is a wonderful option if you do not want to spend a great deal of time on their set up at an outdoor event or promotion. Going for an marquee saves your time which is usually spent in untangling cords, searching for tie downs and setting up poles, which should instead be utilized in reaching out to potential customers.

Choosing marquees are an ideal way to utilize your time at a trade event wisely and not indulging yourself in setting up a complex tent. Moreover, the instant marquees are easy to store, which can be stored in a small space like in vehicles or storage closets.

Source by Jack Sam White

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