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Changeable Wedding Toasts For Your Lesbian Wedding

The custom of making wedding toasts goes back hundreds, if not thousands of years. It is usually said just before the dinner begins.

Everyone enjoys wishing the newly married couple good luck, best blessings, wonderful health, and many more wishes for their future life together.

There may only be one toast said at the reception usually by the best man or in our case the best woman or you could substitute a maid or matron of honor.

There are many options on where to go from here; the maid or matron of honor could be next, followed by the fathers or mothers of the brides. This could continue to others in the lesbian wedding party down through family and friends.

Some folks get carried away. You may want to put a limit on it ahead of time by giving someone in charge a signal to cut off any more toasts.

A lot of your guests may want to finish up eating the food and get up and start dancing.

These are several toasts to use as they are or to change and make them your own for your lesbian wedding:

May these two women walk together forever in compassion, companionship, coexistence, and peace.

– May these two women walk the along path of Life for the rest of their days together.

May the sun shine brightly on this new marriage of these two women and may that bright star shine their way into eternity.

– May the Goddess bless these two women with joy, happiness, and health all the rest of their days forever together.

With all the struggles these two women went through to make it to this blessed day, may they find peace, happiness, and health for themselves and their families forever.

These above toasts are meant to be tweaked to your own personal situations and feelings. There can be one toast or many. Do what feels right for your own lesbian wedding toasts.

Source by Anne Coarr

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