Caribbean Bash Themes

Ahhh, the Caribbean. Producing Caribbean party themes is a pleasure. Anybody who has at any time been to any of the Islands is aware of what I necessarily mean. Turquoise blue water, white seashores, rum beverages, and the Island beat give this concept all the tips desired to make an brilliant party.


As with most concept parties, you are going to will need a respectable-sized place or backyard, or you can hire a party place. The Caribbean party themes, climate allowing, absolutely would be excellent in an out of doors placing (specifically if you have a pool). Or, in the winter season, Caribbean party themes are just what is desired for an escape from the chilly climate.


1 resourceful strategy for Caribbean party themes is to make faux flight tickets, arrival vacation spot at one of the the Islands on the day and time of the party. One more strategy is to make a flyer for a “Caribbean Festival” (or Jamacian Reggae Jam, San Juan Latin Dance Contest, Bermuda Triangle Bash, etc.).

Other possibilities are to get tropical seeking blank invitations or paper and print them on your laptop or computer, or to purchase fill-in-the-blank invitations.


Caribbean party themes contact for grass skirts, seaside hats, rasta wigs, reggae hats, dreadlock wigs, coconut bikini tops, dazzling prints, etc. Be sure to notice on the invitation if you anticipate your attendees to gown up!


Caribbean party themes favors (or match/door prizes) for your attendees can consist of palm tree formed votive candles, shell necklaces, reggae CDs, tiny bottles of scorching sauce, sun shades, solar visors, sunscreen, tiny bottles of Bacardi, a reward bag with a number of of these items, or any other items that have a Caribbean aptitude.


Decorations and favors for the Caribbean party themes abound, but you have to be careful to consist of only stuff that you would discover in the Caribbean. In other phrases, you are not having a luau, so no tiki masks or other uniquely Hawaiian decor. You can, on the other hand, use a lot of of the luau or Hawaiian labeled decorations for your Caribbean party. Here are some tips for decorating:

* Cover a wall with a tropical picture mural

* Scatter tan and shades of blue balloons all-around (seaside hues) or dazzling tropical floral hues like yellow, pink, purple, eco-friendly. There are even balloons formed like flamingos, shells, and palm trees! Or, get white and blue spherical paper lanterns.

* Use any of a number of kinds of palm trees, flamingos, parrots, tropical fish, and suns (inflatable, metallic, paper, tissue, lighted strings or normally) for Caribbean party themes.

* Unique bouquets (actual or silk) or tropical candle holders or luminaries can be desk centerpieces or accents any place in your party place.

* Grass skirting on the tables is a neat contact way too. If you really want to go all out, you can get a grass tiki “hut” and use it as the bar or other serving place.

* Really don’t ignore to have Caribbean party themes tableware and napkins in a dazzling floral or flamingo sample, blend and match dazzling tropical reliable hues, or even shell-formed plates and coconut cups!


The Caribbean’s exceptional flavors will be sure to delight your attendees! Be sure to use Caribbean sauces and spices like Jerk sauce, Jamacian scorching sauce, tabasco, and a host of pepper sauces and spices when making your foods. Some menu tips are: Jerk Hen (or Pork Chops, Beef, Lamb), Fried Plantains, Banana Bread, Jamacian Rice and Beans, Fishcakes, Seafood Patties, Coconut Shrimp, Any kind of Kabobs (with Island design and style spices), Conch Fritters, Spicy Pasta Salad, Crab Souffle, and for these who are not that adventurous, common barbequed rooster.

Have some Caribbean sweets and desserts on hand way too! Attempt Bermuda Triangle cookies, coconut cookies/cake, pineapple cake with rum sauce, rum bananas, pineapple tarts, fruit pies, fruit salad with pina colada sauce. Be sure to have stuff on hand for non-fruit lovers, like chocolate cake, chocolate souffle (try to remember the French influence on some of the islands), etc.


Really don’t ignore tropical beverages! Provide daiquiris, pina coladas, rum punch, Bahama Mamas, and a entire host of other tropical beverages (each alcoholic and non-alcoholic). Caribbean party themes would not be total with out Bacardi-dependent rum beverages!


If it can be a birthday or other celebration, you are going to will need a cake. Or you could just want a cake as a dessert item. With a tropical concept, I would go with coconut or pineapple upside down cake! Or you could want a spherical or sheet cake embellished as Bob Marley or with the Bemuda Triangle. Other tips could be a palm tree, Jamacian flag, turquoise ocean with tropical fish, steel drum instruments, etc.


Anybody up for a conga line or limbo? How minimal can YOU go? Other than these game titles, I would not “litter” the party with any scheduled game titles. Let the new music and the attendees entertain themselves. Dancing and rum make for excellent pleasurable!


Reggae, steel drum, calypso, and other Caribbean seems are required. You can also participate in an Ocean Sounds CD (This would be nice in the course of a sit-down evening meal.) Or, use a band or DJ and allow them fret about keeping the seems coming!

Resource by Cheryl Williams

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