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Can Heartburn Last For Days?

When you have heartburn, sometimes the one thing that makes you feel better is the knowledge that it won't last forever – right? Can heartburn last for days? If it does, what should you do to help get rid of it? If you are suffering from heartburn and are wondering how long it will last, you should know a few things first.

First of all, knowing what causes heartburn can make all the difference in the way you deal with it, so understand that there are a few different causes of this condition, including eating too much in one sitting, which can force your esophageal sphincter to stay open. Other causes of heartburn include drinking coffee and carbonated beverages, alcohol, using tobacco products and eating certain “trigger” foods. You can also find that you suffer from heartburn due to stomach bugs, such as the flu, which can cause your stomach to make more acid than normal.

Okay, so you're probably thinking, “Yes, but that doesn't tell me the answer to my question: Can heartburn last for days?” The answer is yes, depending on many factors. One factor could be that you are suffering from some type of stomach bug, which means you can wind up struggling with heartburn for several days, or as long as it takes you to rid your body of the particular bug that is affecting your system.

A Few Reasons Why Heartburn Seems To Last For Days

Also, you might find it interesting to know that many people who smoke or use tobacco products frequently suffer from heartburn that can last for days. For some people, something in tobacco can cause the esophageal sphincter to become irritated, which will prevent it from sealing properly. In this case, it isn't due to eating too much or consuming things that cause the stomach to create extra acid, it has to do with the fact that the esophagus doesn't have the seal it needs to prevent acid from coming out of the stomach. When this occurs, heartburn can last for days, or as long as it takes for that muscle to heal itself and begin functioning properly again.

Certain foods or drinks that we eat or drink frequently or habitually can cause the stomach to make more acid than it needs to. Drinks such as coffee tend to be very acidic, which in turn will cause an excess of acid in the stomach. When this happens, you can begin to feel that you have heartburn. In this case, it can feel as if your heartburn is lasting for days, but actually, it keeps recurring due to the fact that you're constantly consuming these things. The best way to stop this type of heartburn is to identify the cause and eliminate it from your diet for a while.

What Are Your Reasons?

So, in short, heartburn can last for days, but you can manage it and manage it well if you know what is causing your heartburn in the first place. Consider your habits and what it is that you eat and see what you can do to help yourself. Is it the same bout you are experiencing or actually a culmination of events causing it to appear as one?

How long can your heartburn last? Keep doing the same thing and you can expect the same results, or it could last a long time if you don't do something about it!

Source by Charles K. Moore

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