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Cameo Locket – A Must in Your Collection

Cameo lockets are a very special piece of jewelry when compared to other jewels. These cameo lockets surpass time and continue to impress generations and this is one of the major reasons why it is very popular. Ladies might not have these cameo lockets in their jewelry boxes when compared to some of the other jewels but now these jewels are getting some attention from the female side as well.

There are many cameo lockets available in the market vary in size and design. Therefore, it is very important that one makes good research before buying these jewels so that they are sure as to what they want. The traditional cameo lockets are usually white in color but there are many more pendants coming in the market which are just not white but different colors as well. The latest trend is the pendant with a backdrop of gold. People just love the combination and the demand for it is going up as well.

As there are many shops available for buying these lockets, it is important that one knows where to buy these pendants from so that they would last the distance. You would for sure not like to buy a pendant which just lasts for days. Therefore, it is important that one does not rush up while buying a cameo locket.

These pendants are made with lots of different types of metals as its base. Most of them prefer gold to be their base as it is more durable and of value too. There are different types of karat compositions available with gold. The maximum can go up to 24 karat. The value of the gold might increase with the increase in the karats but the state of the jewel would get affected as the number of karats increase. The more the number of karats, the softer the jewel piece would become. So be careful with the karat composition and try to keep it till 14 if you want a long lasting jewel.

You might not be sure as to what size should you go for with the locket as there are many sizes in the market. And this confusion would go up even further if you are buying it for the first time. Therefore, it is advisable that you go for a pendant which is not too big or small and perfectly matches your personality.

If you are very sure of all these above mentioned parameters, then buying a cameo locket would just be a cakewalk.

Source by Victoria H. Pickering

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