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Brainstorming Ideas For Topics in an Ebook

Selling and promoting ebooks is one of the popular methods of Internet Marketing. Some argument that currently the market is scheduled and there is not much scope for selling ebooks. However I disagree because ebooks offer a lot of advantages as an Internet Marketer. In this article I will be discussing some ideas that help you generate topics to write an ebook.

What topic should you write an ebook on? The niches you can write an ebook on is literally countless and the opportunities are unlimited.

1. Article directories: Take a look at the article directories like EzineArticles and goarticles and look at the topics on which the articles are written. If you find a number of articles written for a particular topic, you can bet your bottom dollars that there is a good market for that topic. Popular categories include, 'Health and fitness', 'money' 'dating' 'vacation' etc.

2. eBay and Amazon: eBay and Amazon are excellent sources to find out what sells. eBay pulse section in particular helpful in knowing the hot selling products in the market.

3. Google Trends: Another great place to look around to find out the latest trends in the market.

4. Click Bank: Clickbank is one of the best affiliate marketing services where you can find thousands of products to promote. Particularly focus on the products that have a high 'gravity' because they are usually proved products and are selling well in the market.

5. Forum Fishing: Join the forums related to your niches and find out the questions people have related to your niche. You can write an ebook just answering the Frequently Asked Problems.

Remember even if you are not selling your ebook, you can give it as a free bonus to an affiliate product. By giving it for free, you can still make sales for an affiliate product as long as you have affiliate links embedded in your ebook.

Source by Matty Bells

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