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Brainstorming for Article Ideas

Writers are surrounded by inspiration; everything from television shows to a walk in the yard can lead to brainstorming for article ideas. The real trick is to actually capture all of those ideas and get them down so that you can write the articles later. When you feel that nudge of inspiration and your brain begins throwing article topics at you, then it's important to sort your thoughts and get notes made.

Whether you keep a notepad document on your computer or a pen and paper on hand at all times, it's important to have some way to jot down the ideas before you lose them. While it may be tempting to just scribble down random words, its better if you jot the words down and then develop other topics related to each word while you are on a roll. Writer's notebooks, scraps of paper and Post-it's are wonderful tools for keeping your brainstorming for article ideas organized. The notebook or a document on the computer is your best bet for keeping your article ideas safe and sound.

As long as you get the main idea of what you want to write about down, you can always go back at any time to flesh it out and develop an actual slant and plan for the article. Because there are so many different angles to most topics, you can easily come up with several more tightly focused articles from one broad topic idea. Always try to preserve your article brainstorming ideas so that you will have some ideas to work with when you experience writers' block or a lack of inspiration.

Source by Lisa A Mason

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