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Book Selling Savvy in 3 Steps

Step 1 … The Pitch and Platform

When someone asks what your book is about … what do you say as you Pitch them your work and words? Do you stumble a bit? Do you start and stop your response until you get it out to the listener? Is the listener still listening? Or do you say it smoothly in the words you absolutely intended to say with confidence?

What about when someone asks about your platform … do you know what a Platform is? Can you articulate what yours is? Do you know what magic words and phrases need to be said so that your listener gets what your book is about, what commitment you have to it, what your Fan base is and how you will get them to buy your book? Are you able to communicate them with clarity and confidence?

Step 2 … Find the Fans and Readers

Who's your crowd? The people you have written for-it does not matter if it's a fiction or nonfiction book … you are writing for the "someones" out there who are ready to chew on your words-who need them to ease their pain, solve A problem, provide a solution, to be inspired or just simply to entertain them.

You either go to them … in person, connecting via social media or traditional media, writing articles, speaking … whatever why you reach out. Usually, the more, the better.
They come to you … reading about you, following you on social media sites, being a fan-just what an author wants.

Step 3 … Ask for the Sale

And when you find them; Or they find you, you've got to ask the question at some point. Do they read? Do they like to read? Do they buy books? In what format? And then, ask for the sale. Books may fly off a shelf in a bookstore, but something has to drive the buyer (s) to the bookstore to buy-it's usually something that you, the author, generates. If you are speaking somewhere, new Fans may stop by to chat with you. Lovely for the ego … but are they readers? Book Buyers?

It's frustrating, and sometimes downright annoying, to put your heart and soul in telling a perceivable reader and book buyer about your book … and to discover that there was no intention to buy a copy, much less read it.
Once you engage someone you believe to be a fan / potential book buyer, considering starting with the question, "Do you enjoy reading? What types of books?" And with that, you'll know whether or not it's worth your while to share your Pitch and your book.

Source by Judith Briles

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