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Best Gifts For Mum and Dad on Their Wedding Anniversary

Want to floor Mum and Dad with some really heart-warming gifts on their wedding anniversary? The dear old folks have spent a lifetime taking care of you and their wedding anniversary is such a perfect occasion to shower them with some superlative gifts that warm their hearts. Tip: each anniversary year comes with a traditional and contemporary gift list as well the customary flower and gemstone. So that should give you plenty of elbow space to work your way round the perfect gifts.

Here are top gift ideas that are guaranteed to make Mum and Dad go all misty-eyed.

1. Wine and dine mum and dad in style

When was the last time mum and dad went out for dinner — alone? Can’t remember? Well, their big night is when you make sure that they eat at the swankiest restaurant in town. Do all the spadework well in advance — hotel reservations with a cosy corner table for the two of them. Get a limo to ferry them in style to and from the restaurant. Arrange with the maitre d’ beforehand to have candles and a card placed on their private table and order for an anniversary cake to surprise them during their meal. Ask the cheque to be sent to you so that no nasty surprises await the old folks!

2. A photo collage of sweet parenting memories

Anniversary times are sentimental times — emotional junctions along life’s path. Reminiscences rule conversations. Why not put together a collage of some happy memories from all the vacations that you took together as a family? This can be a spectacular gift particularly if you live far away from them and meetings are restricted to once or twice a year. A beautiful mounted frame adds the final flourish.

3. Send your parents on a romantic rendezvous

You may have heard the story of how and where Dad proposed to Mum many times and now it’s given you some ideas. On their wedding anniversary, try and book them in a quiet and elegant hotel for a romantic night out near about that place if possible. If the magical moment took place in another city, book them in a romantic hotel there, complete with an all expenses paid weekend getaway.

4. Designer and luxury products

Mum and Dad probably saved and skimped a lot while they were raising you. Denying themselves luxuries became part and parcel of their life. Now, it is your turn to make them feel truly pampered. Splurge on some top-drawer perfumes, after-shaves, deodorants and other bath and body products sets for Dad and Mum. They deserve the bets, don’t they?

5. A bespoke poem just for Mum and Dad

Very often, in the hurry-burry of life, we forget to verbalise our feelings and sentiments to those who matter the most to us. Mum and Dad are, all too often, taken for granted. “They know I am rushed off my feet, they will understand”. That phone call, that visit just keeps getting pushed to the next weekend which always stays just out of reach. Never mind. Now, let an expert say all that is bottled up inside you. Get a personalised poem written exclusively for Mum and Dad. Let it highlight their many lovable attributes and qualities that made growing up with them so special. Have a memorable photograph of the two of them pasted alongside that personalised poem.

6. Personalised keepsakes

Personalised gifts say as nothing else do, ‘You are just so special!’ No run-of-the-mill stuff for your old folks. Instead, present them with personalised gifts that they will always cherish- engraved anniversary plates with Mum and Dad’s wedding photograph on it; a beautifully hand-crafted personalised photo album for storing photographs; personalised anniversary rings; or personalised mugs with their names on it.

7. Be traditional but creative — with wine and flowers

Gift-buying can be stressful if you are cash-strapped but still want to pack an impact. There’s no harm in doing the flowers and card routine. However, with a little effort and imagination, you can still make these unique and worthy of remembering even years later. Surprise Mum with a huge bunch of her favourite flowers (or those that correspond to their particular anniversary year), with an antique pendant or bracelet cleverly hidden within it. Give Dad a limited edition wine bottle with his name and your message printed on the bottle itself. Give the store-bought one a miss this year and make a handmade card yourself.

8. For posterity’s sake…

This one needs some planning and forethought as well as the help of other family members. Lay your hands on a photograph of their original wedding cake and have its exact replica made for the surprise anniversary party that you plan to throw for Mum and Dad. Record what each family member has to say about them and create a video. Put their favourite songs playing in the background. Pack the DVD with tons of special memories — photographs from their childhood, their dating years, their marriage, a myriad happy moments and let them relive their halcyon days…

It is always worth making an extra effort for Mum and Dad. They won’t be around forever, you know…

Source by Daya Sugden

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