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Before You Get Married

Think of the various stages involved with putting up a building, from the architectural design to the survey of the property site, the clearing of the site, preparation and so on, you will agree with me it is not a project you'll rush into simply because you would not want to be stranded somewhere not being able to complete it, this often calls for prudent planning. When it comes to getting involved in marriage a similar scenario plays out.

For many today, the picture of marriage they have is one of prince charming living with the beautiful princess for ever and ever. While this is a good attitude towards marriage it does not give the parties the necessary tools to make the marriage into what they often dream of, so in a nut shell, the couples are soon caught up with conditions that tasks their character abilities concerning issues never revealed in the films they watch like paying bills, parenting, balancing work with family and the likes.

So before you walk the aisle with whomever, do a critical check on your motives, by asking yourself this question – “Am I truly ready for marriage?”

The response to this question should not be impulsive, rather it should be well thought over since it has the potential of making or marring you for life. You see, the wedding process lasts but for a period of hours, but the marriage actually begins when all the party ends and last forever (death doing you part, hoping you do not opt for divorce).

For success in marriage for the aspiring, learn that marriage is spelt – “commitment”

When answering the question on being ready, take into consideration the issue of being wholeheartedly commitment, are you into marriage for the long haul or for the immediate – get me angry and I quit thing? Again take your time before answering. If you are for the hit and run type, I suggest you rethink your steps to avoid carrying a pain that you might have to carry for life, but if you are in for real, then know you'll be required to be dedicated to building a home together with your spouse, and because marriage is between two people with different character traits, it means you'll be devoted to making your marriage work.

At any rate remember that your choices in marriage will be a reflection of your wisdom or foolishness, so be wise before you get married.

Source by Martins Achi

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