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Beautiful Bandhej For Brides

To look like a typical traditional Indian bride, the key is to choose a traditional Saree as the Bridal outfit; Sarees that are essentially a symbol of the culture and various art forms prevalent in India. While zari woven rich Silk Sarees top the list of traditional Bridal Sarees, many brides prefer to opt for Sarees flaunting artwork which is indigenous to their part of the country. One such variety is the traditional Bandhej Saree or Bandhini Saree from Gujarat and Rajasthan.

This art form originated in Rajasthan to begin with but being neighboring states, it quickly spread across Gujarat as well. As the name denotes, Bandhani which means tying, this art form of dyeing the cloth in a particular pattern involves making numerous tiny knots across the length and width of the fabric in a desired pattern and then dyeing it. Once the cloth is dried, the tiny knots are removed which reveals white dots as those spots being tied were not exposed to the dye or color. The white spots reveal themselves to be arranged in a bold floral motif or in geometric pattern. Since, it’s a tying and dyeing technique, one can’t expect the pattern to be really intricate. The patterns formed by the white dots are simple, bold and attractive. The method of tying results in the cloth being crinkled which gives it a stretchy effect. Thus, quite a few prefer to wash and iron a Bandhej or Bandhani Saree before draping it to avoid the crinkled effect and achieve a perfectly draped look. Traditional red Bandhej or Bandhani Sarees with dazzling and gorgeous borders make any Indian bride look absolutely beautiful. Besides red Bandhej or Bandhani Bridal Sarees, Sarees with a combination of red and deep green or red and mustard yellow are quite striking yet traditional in appeal.

Source by Robin P Thomas

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