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Beaded Charm Bracelets Are Very Charming

From the time we are little girls, we see jewelry. We may remember our mom wearing a beautiful gold necklace, or our older sister getting a stunning pair of diamond earrings for her birthday. You might even imagine your grandmother decked out in her bright, white pearls. No matter what your mind conjures up when you think of jewelry, know this. The jewelry world is certainly changing. Sure, gold, silver, platinum, and diamonds will always be around but one piece of jewelry is being revolutionized. The charm bracelet. You can say good-bye to those boring old charm bracelets that got stuck on your favorite tweed blazer every time you put them on your wrist. You can then say hello to the beaded charm bracelet.

Beaded charm bracelets are so wonderful because they are much more customizable than the old fashioned bracelets. You can still get your favorite pet, your first or last initial, or your favorite sport on a bracelet but you can have even more things these days. If you're looking for the perfect gift to give someone, you can find a charm that represents the person you're buying the bracelet for. From your mom, to your sister, to your best friend – there is really a bead charm for everyone!

If you're rather not designing your own bracelet, there are pre-designed ones, or gift sets that have three or four charms in them. Pre-designed charm bracelets are great because they save you time. You might not be the most artistic or creative person in the world, but with a pre-designed bracelet, that does not matter. Imagine all the time you would save by just getting on the web and looking at pre-designed ones!

Another advantage to beaded charm bracelets is that they are much sturdier than other forms. You can purchase a gold, silver, or leather band, and then you'll purchase the beads. You can find beads that look just like the traditional charms that you think of, and you can also find the beaded charms. If you've had your bracelet for a long time and you are ready for a change, just slip the beads off and substitute them.

So, is caring for your bracelet different from caring for more traditional bracelets? Not really. Beaded charm bracelets are so easy to clean. With cleaning cloths, a toothbrush, and warm, soapy water, your bracelet can be bright and shiny forever!

Source by Summery Lynn

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