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Beach Wedding Ceremony Decor – Some Ideas

The beach wedding ceremony decor you decide upon is really up to personal taste. You can go for a simple look or make your decor the talking point at your wedding by going over the top. Personally I prefer the simple approach as you already have a beautiful beach as your backdrop and anything too elaborate would distract from the natural beauty of the surroundings.

You should however make sure that your wedding is personalized to represent both you and your significant other's tastes. Here I will give you a few examples of how to do just that with some lovely beach wedding ceremony decor. The ideas are applicable whether you are having your ceremony on a beach or in a church.

Pretty Pew Markers:

Marking the pews gives you a lot of scope for decor at your wedding ceremony, whether you are decorating the church or the beach. Everybody (not just the bride) has to walk down the isle and therefore your pew markers will be seen by all. Try one of the following:

1. If your wedding is slightly on the formal side then opt for some lush tassles in your wedding colour (or in a neutral, sandy colour). You can buy them from any fabric store or haberdashery.Attach some shells or starfish for a beachy feel and hang from every or every second pew.

2. Bunches of tropical flowers and palm branches make spectacular wedding ceremony decorations and fitting pew markers.

3. If your beach wedding is in Hawaii or has an island theme, then why not buy or make some pretty leis to match your bouquet or use shells and small pieces of driftwood. These make great pew markers.

Many pew markers can also be used on every (or every second) chair-back if you prefer a more “filled out” look for your ceremony decor.

Other Options for Ceremony Decorations:

1. Line your isle with one of the following (depending on your colour scheme and taste):

· Palm Leaves and Tropical Flowers,

· Sunflowers or any other Large Flower

· Bamboo & Seashells

· Tiki Torches

· Paper Luminaries

· Storm Lanters

· Pinwheels in your Wedding Colours

2. Hire a Beach Wedding Arch (or create your own) out of latticework, bamboo, driftwood or palm branches. Add a couple of twinkly lights (battery operated ones are easily obtainable if you dont have electricity at the site), Mini Lanterns, flowers, shells, drapery or ribbons.

These ideas are really just a taste of what you can truly create if you set your mind to it and let your creative juices flow.

Source by Jolene Durrheim

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