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Be Confident in Your Job Interview

First time job applicants are normally nervous about job interviews. They often ask themselves how can they impress the interviewer, thereby getting the job. They feel they have failed if they are not accepted. With so many people applying for a job, how can one increase his or her chances of landing one?

One way to increase your chances is to show confidence during the interview. Companies want people who believe they can do the job and are able to. Confident people are teachable, resourceful, and agreeable. They have the leadership potential that will be of great benefit to the company in the future. Coupled with ambition, the confident employee will be very productive, performing for the company to reach his or her utmost.

However, there is a danger of confusing confidence with arrogance. The latter actually shows lack of confidence, hiding this defect with bragging and boasting. Be sure that you are truly confident when you go into that job interview.

Having that confidence can be helped by doing some simple things before the interview. Follow these simple steps and see how you can be confident in front of the interviewer.

1. Find out as much as you can about the company.

Preparation is one way to increase your confidence. Will your skills and knowledge be useable to the company you are applying for? Can you see yourself fitting there? By getting hired, how can you be of value to the company?

By knowing the company well, you will see the needs of the company and present yourself as someone who can fulfill those needs. The interviewer will also know your interest in the company. Even before you have started, you have already shown how you can be of service. This initiative will surely make a very good impression on the interviewer.

2. Dress up very professionally.

The clothes that you wear has a psychological effect on you. Dress sloppily and you will feel, and act, sloppy. Dress smart and you see how smart you will feel.

Aside from dressing professionally, be sure that you have a good posture when facing the interviewer. By doing so, you will be able to breathe easily making you relaxed. Answers will then come out more freely and easily. The more you will see your confidence soar.

3. Look at your interviewer in the eyes.

Remember, you are a person, just like your interviewer, equal in the eyes of the Maker. You are not beneath him. Therefore, you should look in the eyes of your interviewer during the interview.

One other reason to look into the interviewer's eyes is that you may know his feelings as you talk. Is he getting bored? Is he excited? Did he believe you as you say your accomplishments?

Not looking into the eyes may also convey that you are hiding something. Are you sure with your answers? Are they all true? Or are you adding details just to impress the interviewer? Look into his eyes to show that your answers are factual.

3. Answer questions directly.

Do not answer questions in a long, winded way. This only shows that you are not sure of your answers. Try to limit your answers to less than one minute, so as not to bore your interviewer. This will also make sure that you will not lose your focus and concentration.

4. Ask questions.

Asking questions shows your interest to the company. However, be sure not to ask things that concern your advantage, like what is the starting salary, or what fringe benefits the company gives. Ask questions to know how you can fit, and be of service, to the company. That way, both of you will know if you are right for the job. It is costly to the company if they hire you, only to find out, a few months later, that you do not want to be there.

By following these four steps you will see your confidence increase. However, remember that, first and foremost, you believe that you are capable for the job. Without this belief you will not show confidence to your interviewer, whatever you do.

The job interview goes both ways: the company to know if you can contribute to them, and you to know if you will be happy to stay in that company. Remember, you will be offering your time and effort. It is not as if you will only receive a salary without doing anything. You and the company both have what each other needs. The job interview is a good starting place to know if the “exchange of goods” will be beneficial to both.

Source by John Ditta

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