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Barbie Marketing

You may be wondering what Barbie Marketing is … I do not blame you – the first time I heard the term, my 12 year old son was spouting it at the top of his lungs in the Mall. It did not take me long to realize he was talking about all the girls walking around in Barbie Costumes. You know the kind, high heels, jewelry and bling bling, hair that took two hours to perfect, and clothing that came from a designer rack, with too much makeup on the face of a girl too young to be that much into 'fashion' . Do not they play with dolls anymore?

Barbie Marketing is a hunk magnet for girls looking for guys.

At least, according to the 12 year old know-it-all people lives at my house. Little did I know, he knew this because his big brother had told him how much he liked the Babes in the Barbie Pink Costumes. But I was learning. For the fashion conscious want to be chick magnet, Barbie Pink Costumes were a major attraction.

Barbie Marketing is Fashionably Pink with Black and White Accents.

When I asked about the specifics, I was given well defined details including the simple fact that Barbie Marketing is Fashionably Pink (with Black and White Accents of course). "It usually includes anything that would go well with diamonds and Bling Bling," according to my 12 year old know-it-all.

Barbie Marketing is Bling Bling with Style.

Everyday girls do not do bling bling well. They usually dress too simply, without enough accessories, and their shoes look comfortable. Ahem, and they know this how? "My girlfriend wears just enough bling bling to have a lot of class, but too much bling bling is really really gosh," the 12 year old genius again?

"You have a girlfriend?" I stand amazed at the promise.

"Well, I'm going steady," he admits casually with a shrug of his shoulders, "but we're not dating or anything until her dad ungrounds her."

"Dating?" My simple mind just lost total control, I'm losing it fast. "What constituents dating?"

"When we eat at the lunch table, or sit together in youth group, Mom. You know, dating?" His eyes are rolling around in his head like marbles in the school yard, and he thinks I know?

"Well, dear, let me know two weeks before you and Ms Barbie Marketing get married and I'll find a wedding gift for you." I smile at him, ruffle his hair and we leave the mall.

"Mom, you're so out of touch!" There go those eyes again …

Source by Jan Verhoeff

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