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Anniversary Gifts – Forty-Sixth Anniversary

As we get closer to that magic 50th anniversary, the anniversary gift ideas seem to be getting either stranger and stranger or more and more expensive or both. This year’s anniversary gift may not be expensive but it is certainly different. For those of you who have never created anything original in your life, this year’s offering may be a bit of a challenge for you. Welcome to the world of original poetry.

Yes, we kid you not. This year it is your job to get your spouse something to do with original poetry. No, this doesn’t mean that you get out a napkin and scribble some cheap limerick on it. This is the time for you to come up with some lovely words of love to give to your lifelong partner, for better of for worse. However, there is a loophole to this gift that just might get you through it in one piece.

Original poetry, by common understanding, is poetry that has never appeared in print before. In other words, you can’t give your spouse a framed copy of a classic piece of poetry by one of the masters. However, there is nothing stopping you from going to a professional poet and having them write something specially for you. Yes, you’re probably going to pay through the nose for this service, depending on how well known the poet is, but 46 years of marriage is certainly worth it, wouldn’t you say?

Of course, you can always go to one of those specialty stores that comes up with these original pieces of poetry, but the truth is, they’re not really original. The way it basically works is that they have a large database of poetry and you just pick out something that you like. Technically, this stuff has never been published but there’s a very good chance that the piece that you pick out has been given to some other person somewhere. So there is a very gray area here as to whether or not this actually constitutes an original piece of poetry.

In any case, whether you get your poetry from a professional, custom made, or one of these specialty stores, or even write something yourself, you’re going to want to put it in something nice. There are many frames that you can get. First, you have to decide what type of paper you want the poetry printed on, including the size. You also want to pick out a font that is fancy. Plain Ariel is kind of bland. A decorative script font will do nicely.

As to the frame itself, you don’t want to go the cheap route here. A nice gold frame will be a welcome gift. Yes, it’s going to cost a few bucks, but don’t forget, if you write this gem yourself, there is no cost involved there other than the paper and having it printed up, which you can do with your own computer and printer if you have one.

It’s gifts like these that really show your spouse your love. Put some thought into it and you’ll do just fine. Even if you do have to get somebody else to write your words of love.

Source by Michael Russell

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