Anniversary Gifts – Forty-Eighth Anniversary

Hard to believe that you’re only a couple of years away from your golden anniversary. Well, you still have to get through this one and if you’re thinking that the anniversary gifts have been a little unusual of late, this year doesn’t get any better. You’re going to have to really put on your thinking cap to come up with some ideas for this year’s anniversary gift. But don’t worry, we’ll give you a few things to consider when picking out something for your spouse of 48 years.

This year’s anniversary gift idea is optical goods. Now for those of you thinking that this means you have to get your spouse a pair of cheap sunglasses, think again. Optical goods can be anything that contains a lens. That covers a lot of ground and therefor gives you a lot of food for thought. Hopefully, some of the following suggestions will strike just the right chord with you.

Of course, you can go with the obvious here. Unless you’re blessed with really great eyesight, by the time you’ve been married 48 years you most likely are wearing glasses. Because your eyes don’t really change much as you get older, you probably don’t get your prescriptions changed all that often. Even if you have had your prescriptions updated recently, most likely you haven’t changed your frames. This can be a great opportunity to get your spouse a whole new look.

The days of the Clark Kent glasses are long gone. Eyeglass frames have become very fashionable and it’s actually become very cool to wear glasses. So if your spouse has been stuck in that same old rut and you think a new look would be just the ticket to a new attitude, this is your chance to get a gift that will really make an impression. Don’t think that glasses are a cheap gift; frames and lenses these days can easily run you several hundred dollars.

Of course, you can also get away from the obvious as well. This could be an excellent time to get into something that you never even considered. Do you remember as a kid how your dad would get you one of those cheap little telescopes and have you look up at the stars? Remember how you really didn’t see much? Well, those days are long gone as well. Telescopes have become very powerful these days and they don’t cost an arm and a leg either. You can get a really good telescope for a couple of hundred bucks easy. You might want to pick up a book on astronomy to go with it.

Let’s not forget something else that comes with a lens. It’s called a camera and today, your options go far beyond cameras. You can get video cameras, digital cameras, camcorders and a number of other items that can capture the moment. Prices have also come down a lot as well, so you can get a really nice setup for very little money.

This can be a very interesting and enjoyable anniversary and if you do get those cameras, you can use them to go along with next year’s anniversary gift. We’ll just keep that a secret for now though.

Source by Michael Russell

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