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African Wedding Ceremony Ideas – African Wedding Ideas

If your heritage as an African-American is important to both you and your fiancé, you may want to incorporate some of those customs into one of the most special days you will spend as a couple. There are many facets to an African wedding ceremony and deciding what aspects to include in your wedding day is something that you and your intended should talk about before you begin planning.

To get you started, you should do plenty of research once you have found out the traditions your family holds near and dear to their heart. Once you have some of that information, it can help you get started going the ideal components for making your day special.

Make a list of ideas that appeal to you such rituals and ceremonies that are common in an African wedding ceremony. Choose at least three of these ideas to be the outline for your wedding and reception. If you do not feel comfortable building a wedding ceremony and reception yourself, you might think about hiring a wedding professional who can help you realize your inspirations and make them a reality.

You can create invitations that reflect the African flair of your wedding. You can also think about creating a newsletter detailing what your guests can expect when they attend and anything they can do to help with the participation. You may want to employ the services of a designer to create signature wedding garb for your special African wedding ceremony.

Many people are familiar with the concept of the "Circle of Love" from the blockbuster hit and long running Broadway play, "The Lion King." You can form a circle of love at your ceremony that will join you and your wedding party along with the guests into one entity, which will start your wedding day off with a sense of unity for everyone.

Use statements and prayers to honor those who have come before you such as your parents and your grandparents as well as any other elder who reads recognition. This is traditional at most African wedding ceremonies and serves to show the respect that the young have for those older and wiser.

Be sure that you serve traditional African fare that will be sure to please all of your guests. You can also offer something a little less exotic for those who have a more timid palette. To really set the mood and get the party started you can hire drummers and dancers who will add cultural beats to get your guests moving on the dance floor.

Source by Yolanda Nash

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