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A Wedding At Home – Pro And Cons

One of the most important decisions in your wedding planning is the choice of venue. In fact, it will greatly affect your other decisions since some of your wedding theme ideas may not be possible to implement in some venues.

However, besides renting a space or a hotel ballroom as your ceremony or reception venue, you may also consider having your wedding at your home. Yes, your home can be an inexpensive alternative to other choices of venues.

So, what are the pros and cons of having your big day at your home?


One of the biggest advantages of having your big day at home is of course you can save money. There is no rental cost when you are hosting your wedding at home. Besides, some venues may have restrictions on the decorations. And there will virtually be no such restrictions at home. You can decorate your venue in the way you feel suitable and appropriate.

You can also have more choice on the food. The menu may have been set if you are renting a hotel ballroom as your venue. However, you can prepare your own food if you are having your wedding at home. You may even bake your own cake and cookies to serve your guests if you want to do so!

If you are going to have a small wedding, having it at home will be an excellent choice. A wedding at home will certainly be a lot more intimate and closed. You can enjoy this wonderful time with all your guests. If you have a small garden at home, your guests can even enjoy the sunshine with you. This will be another plus of having your big day at home.


Now it comes to the disadvantages of planning a wedding at your home. It will be quite impossible for you to have your big day at home if you are planning to invite say a hundred guests. It will only be possible if you have a really large house. In most cases you can only have a small wedding if you are going to host it at home.

Cleaning of your home is also an issue to be considered. Your home may become a bit chaotic after your event. You have to take some time to clean it. In the case of renting a venue, you will not need to think of this. However, you can still ask for the help of your friends when you are cleaning your home.

Source by Jerry Leung

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