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A Small Wedding – An Inexpensive Event

It is the common dream of every couple to have a beautiful and unique wedding. As a matter of fact, there are couples who will prefer to have a big wedding. In fact, it is very true that you can make your wedding an elaborated one if it is big.

However, a piece of fact here is that a big wedding can be very expensive. To this end you may want to make the scale of your wedding a bit smaller. There is nothing wrong to have a small event. In fact, a small event can also be an unique and perfect one.

First of all, you may want to know why a small wedding will be less expensive. You should consider it with the number of guests. Because there will be fewer guests if you are going for a small event. You will need a smaller venue. You will need to prepare the foods for fewer people. The number of invitations or wedding favors you need will also be smaller. As a result the total cost of your wedding will certainly be lower.

You may also want to make your wedding more casual when you are planning for a small wedding. Taking your wedding dress for example, you can choose dresses which are less formal. The advantage is that you may be able to use it again. When you choose a really formal wedding gown, the chance is that you can only use the gown once in your life. To this end making the wedding dresses more casual will help you to save some money.

Since you are going to have a casual and small wedding, you can also make the reception less formal. Have you ever thought of having a barbecue for your reception? This will certainly be very interesting. As you will know, preparing for a barbecue receipt will certainly help to lower the cost. Of course in this case you may probably want to plan for an outdoor wedding. And you will probably need to consider the weather before you plan for your outdoor reception.

The cake cutting ceremony is very important in a sense that it is the first thing the bride and groom do together as a married couple. It signifies that they will become one unity. As a consequence, it is very important to choose a good wedding cake. As discussed, your event may be an outdoor one if you go for the idea of ​​barbecue. You should make sure that the icing your cake will not melt under high temperature. Yet, it is certain that the cost of the cake will not be a lot because you only need to order a reliably small cake for your event.

You may think that such a small wedding will not be a memorable one. However, it is not really true. Since the event is quite small, it will probably be more intimate. And you can really enjoy your time to chat with your guests. It will certainly be a warm and memorable wedding!

Source by Jerry Leung

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