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A Mothers Day Reflection

My mother is a rare gem. Kind of like the Hope Diamond, only with a much keener sense of fashion. Standing at 6 foot with blonde shoulder length hair and a ready smile, she is able to melt hearts of the young and old.

At the risk of sounding like a cliché, my mom is the best. There is nothing she would not do for us. Growing up with 2 older siblings, mom worked hard to support the three of us and managed to get her teaching degree. Working thirty hours a week, taking 18 units at a time, no matter how many long hours she worked or studied, she always found time to vacuum the "fido" (spiders, to common folk) from under my bed. This nightly ritual has become a beloved "private" joke.

Another fond memory comes from something that's not so pleasant. Whenever I had an upset stomach, without fail, my mom would sit in the bathroom with me and make sure my hair was out of my face while my head hung over the toilet. To this day, whenever I'm sick, I still wish my mom was there to hold my hair.

Coming into adulthood and a marriage, with all the responsibilities, I often find myself wanting to just go home and have mom make me hot tea and lend a shoulder to cry on. One can always dream of going back to relive those days and, as I have said, my mom will live for many years in the precious memories of my life. No matter how old I get, in her eyes, I will always be her little girl.

So, not only on Mother's Day, I say raise a glass and toast the most respectable (and hardest) profession in the world. Here's to you, Mom. I love you.

Source by Alysia Lyons

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