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A Day To Be Grieved

Today is martyr's day and to be grieved in
Flowers to be laid and few words to be written
"Your immortals stay hereto remind us of sacrifice"
To live up to expectations as committed with promises

It has remained on paper and mere symbolic
Still eyes become wet with very strong logic
What did they do to serve the motherland?
To create a safe and prosperous wonderland

We may have no time to offer any gratitude
As it has been affected by changed attitude
Still they deserve for some kind of holy homage
Their names are to be written with golden ink on page

We are dedicated and sensible people with all awareness
Neatly bonded together with all diversity in fineness
Not differentiating anything between cast, creed and religion
Even though we might have been inclined to some of the legions

Today the priority and preference has been changed
They have become show of strength and stage managed
Real feeling and due respect is there but with little significance
It has remained mere symbolism but with more importance

It's not that the love for motherland is on wane
It is also not felt at any stage that the attachment has gone
We feel not secured in our home and homeland
We stand helplessly to offer our homage and garland

The ugly face of terrorism is developed as new brand
Simple way of creating disturbances on ground
Whether allegiance or no allegiance is found
But such trend is temporarily gaining ground

No one is secured in temple, mosque or among public
We proudly claim to have inherited the state as republic
Might not have been liked by extremists as ideal path
So the bodies lay around on road in the pool of blood bath

We still garland our brave soldiers and civilians
They have preserved the tradition of smartens
Where the laying of life comes in the course of duty
They have laid it down for the perseverance of integrity

Few disgruntled acts may not weaken our spirit
We have earned it with great sacrifice and enduring limit
It will not be allowed to wither away for silly cause
Even with thousand more sacrifices we will not be made to pause

Let us be not carried away by silly arguments
To preserve spirit at heart it self is great movement
Let us lay a wreath with dedication and pledge
We have strong resolve with clear edge

Source by Hasmukh Amathalal

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