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5 Ways to Get Your Sales Staff Fired Up, Not Fired

Does your sales staff share your drive? Do they believe they are doing something important? Are they going the extra mile in getting projects done? Do they feel appreciated? Do they tackle each assignment with purpose and passion? Do they show up for work bright-eyed and eager to take on the day's work?

If you answered no to any of these questions, it's high time you work on team motivation. As the sales leader, your task is not just to provide direction or ensure that the work gets done. It's to inspire, and to encourage. If you have not been doing exactly that, then these tips might help.

1. Walk the talk ..

To your team, you are the company's best advertisement so give them action, not words, not promises but results.

Malden Mills CEO Aaron Feuerstein has been telling his employees for years that they are family. When fire leveled his business in 1995, he delivered on this promise. Rather than lay off 3,000 employees, he kept them on the payroll. He took care of family.

Walking the talk does not always have to be so financially expensive, however. You could provide team motivation in simpler, more practical ways such as coming to work on time, meeting deadlines, or caring enough about an unwell team member to send her home when she's not well

2. Show respect.

What better way to foster team motivation than by showing respect? Treat your staff like loyal partners, not just underlings. Listen to their opinion. Make room for their vision. You may be boss but you do not have the monopoly on good ideas.

3. Give your staff room to grow.

Let's face it – no one wants to remain an underling forever. Encourage staff members to grow in their field. Help them better themselves. By establishing genuine career growth paths, you show them that it's rewarding to work smarter, not just harder.

4. Give your staff flexibility.

To encourage team motivation, be a nurturing, encouraging leader. Hold on to your vision, yes, but do not turn this into a reason to squelch your staff's enthusiasm. Give them the freedom to achieve desired outcomes using individual approaches. While it's up to you to light the fires of team motivation, you can always step away and let them inspire themselves.

Giving your staff flexibility when it comes to achieving goals accomplishes two things: first, it challenges them to be creative and proactive; Second, it ensures the business will not stagnate because there is a constant flow of new ideas.

5. Recognize and reward.

Celebrate successes. Rewards do not have to be in the form of cash. It could come in the form of flexible work schedules, a promotion, time off work, catered lunches, flu shots, a simple thank you, or a glowing acknowledgment of the job well done. A key principle in inspiring team motivation is to build on strengths and recognize triumphs – big and small. If your team meets quota, bring coffee and donuts and gather everyone so you can all applaud a hardworking team.

Remember, no business can succeed without a support workforce. Team motivation is so as important as sales quotations and productivity targets. Inspire your team to work smarter, better, and harder and in time, they will learn to inspire themselves.

Source by Denise Oyston

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