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5 Reasons Why a Family Get-Together/Pot Lunch Is a Great Reunion Idea

Having to live a fast-paced city life, individuals have no time for family or friends. All the time is taken up in working and chasing goals. Most of us tend to think of how much we are missing out on spending time with our families and believe that during Christmas we will make it up. But by then our priorities change and we tend to put our family behind to attend to our urgent priorities in life.

No doubt that this is the order of the day, you can still make the best of the situation and continue to make time for friends and family by having frequent get togethers and pot lunches.

1. Help you keep in touch with family

When you do not have time to spare for spending time with each of your family members, it is a good idea to have a family get-together so that you get the opportunity to spend time with one and all and be in touch

2. Great way to get to know the new members of your family

You may have attended your cousin's wedding but never had the time to get to know his spouse. Family get-together will give you that time to meet the new members of your family and get to know them better.

3. Help keep communication open and avoid problems

Often when you do not have time to spend with your relatives, you find that interpersonal relationships get strained due to lack of communication. By having frequent family get-togethers you will be in a position to keep the communication and interactions going thereby avoid any relationship problems.

4. Right platform for children

No doubt you want your children to get to know their family including grandparents, aunts and uncles etc. It is not possible for them to spend their holidays visiting all relatives. Instead family get-togethers make for a great platform for children to mingle with the family members and bond together.

5. Get to know what is happening in other's lives and give support

Often you find that your close relative is facing crises in life and is in need of emotional or moral support but since you have been too busy you haven't been able to keep in touch with the person or know that you are needed. When you have regular family pot lunches, you get to know of what is happening in each member's life in which case you can pre-empt issues and be able to support the person in case of need.

Source by Ewin De Leon

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