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5 Premade Party Treats You Can Get From the Grocery Store for Under $10

You are throwing a party but you face two problems – lack of organization time and a limited budget. Many people have already experienced similar obstacles and have discovered efficient ways to deal with those.

Premade party treats will come to your rescue, in case you lack the time to make the food yourself. Many intriguing types of foods can be found at your local grocery store. These foods will be inexpensive, giving you a chance to throw a party without spending a fortune on it.

Here are several premade party treat ideas that can be used to your advantage. These types of foods will be appropriate for any kind of party.


Packs of premade pancakes can be stored in your refrigerator until the party day arrives. Purchase as many as you think guests will be capable of consuming. Pancakes can turn into wonderful appetizers and desserts.

For the aim, you will also have to purchase several types of jams, chocolate, fruits, cheese and yellow cheese. Use these to fill the pancakes and form beautiful platters of both sweet and salty pancakes. Cream and fruits will make attractive platter decorations.

For best results, get the pancakes heated before the party starts. They will be delicious and guests will think that you have just gotten those prepared.


People love chips. They love chips and dips even more. This inexpensive appetizer can be purchased in advance, as well. It is certain to turn into a favorite of the majority of people attending your party.

The best part of purchasing premade dips is that you can have several flavors – cream cheese dip, guacamole dips, curry dip and even some healthy diet dips can be discovered at your local grocery store.

Fruits and Vegetables

Are you planning on having a number of healthy appetizers? Consider some basic and very simple foods that will help you make healthy platters. Purchase fresh fruits and vegetables. These can be stored effectively for several days before the party takes place.

Serve fruits and vegetables cut into pieces. If you have some time, you can make basic salads and a fruit salad, as well. Such platters will look both delicious and attractive – fruits and vegetables are colorful and very attractive. Pick several colors to make beautiful platters.

Bruschetta Toping

Bruschetta toping is premade and inexpensive, as well. It can be used for the creation of a very stylish appetizer.

You will need a baguette. Cut into circles. Pour some olive oil on each and bake in the over. Once your bruchetta bread is ready, spread the topping on each piece and arrange in a party platter. The most typical topping is tomato and basil. You can look for some more unusual alternatives, as well.

Microwave Popcorn

Popcorn is everybody's favorite. Though it has nothing to do with sophisticated and intriguing party foods, microwave popcorn will be a success. It can be served during movie marathons, birthday parties and all other types of celebrations that bring young people together.

Experiment with premade party treats. Your grocery store could have many other types of attractive appetizers available. Take some time to go shopping and explore all of the opportunities available.

Source by Misha Anatolia

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