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30th Corporate Anniversary Gifts

If your company is coming on up their 30th anniversary, then you need to start thinking about gifts. What kind of gift would be good for your 30th corporate anniversary gift? Something that’s unique would be idea. Something that’s personal if you know your company well could also be idea. Here are some great general ideas.

Years of Service Plaque

You can get these in acrylic, glass or just about any other material you would like. You can personalize these per person or you can just have the company name on it. Many come with special sayings and some type of clip art that has the amount of years of service. These range from $20-$70 and are very practical.

Memory Lane Photo

These are a bit pricier, but defiantly a cool 30th corporate anniversary gift. These are large poster pictures that have all your progress on them. The beginning of the picture would have things like the building designs, car designs, and anything else your corporation started with from the very beginning. The memory lane continues to show picture on how the company continued to grow, until you reach the end, where you show how the company looks now. It’s really a neat poster. These can cost a few hundred dollars.

Personalized Heart Paperweight

These paperweights are unique and can be personalized. Most will come with a note, so you can also personalize that. The heart can usually fit a few lines of text on there. The heart is silver, so it does not look cheaply made. They only cost around $20, so you can purchase a lot if needed.

Leather Folders

These can be purchased in large quaintly and you can personalize these with your company logo and a few lines of text. Great for companies who do a lot of computer work or something where a folder would come in handy. Can be purchased for a decent price when ordering a large amount. You can also get a discount on matching pens, if you would like to have a pen and a folder. Pens can come in many types including sterling silver or leather to match the folder.


For your 30th corporate anniversary gifts, stay away from the traditional gifts or add a small gift to a dinner package. You can set up a family dinner at a banquet hall, or if your company is smaller, you could rent part of a pool hall and eat and play pool. Using your judgment will be best here, but employees love having a paid for dinner with their family and co workers.

Cookie Baskets

Individual cookie baskets can be made up with your company name on the package and some places will even place the company name on the cookie. You can choose how big you want your baskets to be, and what type of cookies you want. I have seen some places ordered these baskets for everyone, and the basket has the companies name, logo and a funny line of text about the companies. Then the cookies have the anniversary number on them.

Source by Robert Grazian

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