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10 Facts: How Do Horses Behave

Quite similar with human beings, horses also behave in systematic ways. They are one of the smartest mammals and their instinct abilities are very powerful.

Therefore, before getting a horse as your pet or for your equestrian adventure, here are the ten interesting facts on horse behaviors.

1) Horses are natural herding animals. They mainly behave according to what motivates them. One particular emotion that motivates them is Fear.

2) Like I said in the opening paragraph, horses are also instinctive creatures and their instincts say they need companion. They are social beings and they hate to be alone. This is the one reason why they can communicate with man effectively.

3) If this herding animal belongs in a group, he or she can immediately detect danger. If they sense danger, they immediately run away. They avoid aggression as much as possible and running means survival to them.

4) If they are trained properly, horses have excellent memories. They can immediately learn things once these series of behavioural patterns are shown to them frequently. They usually perform tricks through observation and experience.

5) In terms of sleeping patterns, horses can sleep standing and lying down.

6) The animal prefers to stand when they sleep because the so-called stay apparatus in their legs relax their muscles.

7) Horses obtain sleep by getting a lot of short periods of rest but they must lie down to reach REM sleep. The required amount of time to meet their REM sleep is two hours for every few days.

8) When it comes to their eating patterns, horses are born and are gifted with strong and grazing instinct. They can eat forage the major hours of the day. If they live in the wilds, they used to eat prairie grasses as they travel in different places.

9) In the horses' world, there is a difference between reacting and acting. When they react, they perform it instinctively. When they act, they are performing the action disobediently.

10) Horses are innately curious. They regularly check new and unusual things that are interesting.

Source by Hunter James Brown

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